Civil Litigation

Merit Law Group: When we represent you in litigation, we know that you are trusting us with your livelihood. Therefore, your success is our highest priority.
Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendent in a civil lawsuit, the court system can be confusing.


We take the time to explain all aspects of your case. We evaluate cases honestly and accurately. We look for alternative solutions though meditation and arbitration, but when the time comes to try your case, our lawyers are experienced and ready. Working with you, we will craft the best arguments to persuade a judge or jury of your position. We win cases.


Our expertise in civil litigation includes:

  • Breaches of contract.
  • Commercial and residential landlord-tenant disputes.
  • Commercial loans and mortgage foreclosure.
  • Zoning and land use disputes.
  • Taking and eminent domain.
  • Construction and Mechanics Liens.
  • Disputes between business owners.
  • Employment disputes.


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